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of key issues including border problems, drugs, violence on the texas mexico border, the need for education. he has controversial things like putting a gasoline tax on. all of these issues, his legacy really invigorates our current debate. >> for many americans outside of texas, 1992 was perhaps their introduction to ross perot. he had been on the national stage for a while. in the late 1980's, he began speaking out about these issues that he was concerned about. we looked in our video library and our first coverage of ross perot was in 1987. here he is speaking before the american bankers association that year. >> let's look at where we are and take the rose colored glasses off. all of these people saying the fundamentals are sound, i think we have had enough doctors feel good. i think we are tough enough to take bad news. i think it is time to look at the facts. we have a three trillion dollar debt by 1988. our debt is being funded by four nations at this point. the greatest nation in the history of man does not have the will to past -- we continue to pass resolutions that p
to the gentleman from texas, mr. barton. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. barton: i thank the gentleman from mississippi for yielding and thank the gentleman from georgia for presiding in an even and fair fashion. one of the arguments that's been made about the e.a.c., spreebling, -- mr. speaker, is that it's the federal election commission that ensures every american citizen's right to vote. if only that were true, mr. speaker. the national association of secretaries of state, which are the organizations in each state that oversee the elections, have called for the dissolution of the e.a.c. the committee has heard firsthand testimony from secretaries of state all across the country both in 2005 and again in 2010, the national association of secretaries of state have called for the dissolution of the e.a.c. if the organizations that are actually responsible in each state for holding the elections, mr. speaker, are asking that the federal agency that's supposed to help them should be dissolved, i think it would behoove the congress to listen to t
and 848 of the senate amendments and modifications committed to conference, messrs. smith of texas, coble and conyers. from the committee on natural resources, for consideration of sections 313, 601 and 197 of the house bill and modifications committed to conference, messrs. hastings of washington, bishop of utah and markey. from the committee on oversight and government reform for consideration of sections 598, 662, 803, 813, 844, 847, 849, 937 through 939, 1081, 19 -- 1091, 1101 through 1111 and sections 827, 845, 1044, 1102 through 1107 and 2812 of the senate amendments and modifications committed to the conference, messrs. ross of florida, lankford and cummings. from the committee on science, space and technology, for consideration of sections 11 sand 1098 of the house bill and sections 885, 911, 912 of division e of the senate amendments and modifications committed to conference, messrs. hall, quail and sam johnson of texas. from the committee on small business, for consideration of section 804 of the house bill and sections 885 through 887 much division e of the senate amendments a
of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. poe: i ask permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized. mr. poe: mr. speaker, i recently received this email from john of houston giving -- as one of the 9.2 million people whose livelihood is supported by the oil and natural gas industry, i am troubled by the recent calls to raise the money. as washington focuses on improving our struggling economy, congress has an opportunity to take our economy in a new direction, one that leads to economic growth and economic security. by promoting policies that encourage domestic oil and natural gas production, we can create 1.4 million jobs and generate $800 billion in additional government revenue by 2013. mr. speaker, john, a person that works for a living, understands better than washington elites that our god-given natural resources should be used to create jobs for americans. time to stop sending american jobs to middle eastern countries to buy their natural resour
williams. after that, a discussion -- that is live at 7:00 a.m. here on c- span. >> texas gov. rick perry is on a bus tour through iowa which began last wednesday. his final campaign stop this weekend was in due course, iowa -- in decorah, iowa. this is about an hour. >> it is a great pleasure to introduce -- some of you know me. i teach -- it is a great pleasure to introduce a strong conservative and who comes from a small farming community. he grew up on a cotton farm and took part in 4 h and earned the rank of eagle scout. he was a pilot in the air force. he served as governor and for more than a decade. please welcome rick perry. [applause] >> thank you, dr. mike. good to see you. thank you for coming out tonight, all of you, on sunday evening while the broncos and the patriots are playing. i will be brief. so you can catch the fourth quarter. it is an honor to be here with you. i want to take a few minutes and share with you about who i am and where i'm from. i know that, sometimes, 1-minute opportunities in debates you do not get to really find out about someone. that is the reason
on the texas-mexico border, the need for education. he has controversial things like putting on a gasoline tax. all of these issues, his legacy really invigorates our current debate. >> for many americans outside of texas, 1992 was perhaps their introduction to ross perot. he had been on the national stage for a while. in the late 1980's, he began speaking out about these issues that he was concerned about. we looked in our video library and our first coverage of ross perot was in 1987. here he is speaking before the american bankers association that year. >> let's look at where we are and take the rose colored glasses off. all of these people saying the fundamentals are sound, i think we have had enough doctor feelgood. i think we are tough enough to take bad news. i think it is time to look at the facts. we have a $3 trillion debt by 1988. our debt is being funded by foreign nations at this point. the greatest nation in the history of man does not have the will to past -- we continue to pass resolutions that put us deeper into debt and we have given up trying to live within our means of the
to create and construct that pipeline. and 100,000 new jobs within the areas of texas and louisiana as it relates to the processing of that oil. last time i looked, canada was a friend. we buy oil from countries that hate us. and here we turn our back. and you know what canada said. china is ready to step in and help them out. is that really what we want or do we want to bring jobs to america? mr. speaker, with all that's been said, we're to the point where we need to talk about regulations and that's what this bill does. it allows seven amendments that are germane to come to the floor, three republicans and five democratic amendments. and, mr. speaker, i'm happy to yield back the balance of my time and move the previous question on the resolution. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on ordering the previous question on the resolution. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, on that i request the yeas and nays. the speaker pro tempore: the yeas and nays are requested. all those in favor of taking this
of the same frustrations you express. >> our next call comes from john calling from san antonio, texas. sit back and give me a few minutes if you do not host: mind not a few minutes, we do not have that much time. caller: nobody has really talked about government sacrifice. the only way you are going to solve what you have, you cannot continue to pay government employees more money than we taxpayers can afford to pay. any business or they pay more money out to the employees -- we pay more money to the employees that the company takes in, that company is going to be bankrupt or seek protection while he gets rid of the problems he created by paying so much money to so many people. it is the same thing with you guys in congress. you have janitor's making $69,000 in the public sector while objectors who paid their wages in the private sector only makes $20,000. i am sorry, you are not worth it. if you want to cut the, cut the department of education. don't cut it over 10 years, cut it over one day. at the department of energy. but it today. that is a real cut. anything else, 5% here or 10% ther
list with members of congress talking about cameras in the court. >> texas governor rick perry met with the "des moines register" editorial board at their offices in iowa on friday. the "register" has invited all of the major presidential candidates to meet with their editorial board and writers covering the race. the newspaper plans to make an endorsement in the republican presidential race on december 18, two weeks before the iowa caucuses on january 3. this is a little over an hour. >> so where did you grow up? >> new york. >> i don't hear that a lot in iowa. >> no, not too often. >> hi, governor, john carlson. >> hi, john, how are you? >> this is chris. >> chris, nice to meet you. >> this is the man who's going to do all the work. >> it's a pleasure having you here, sir. >> thank you. where did you grow up? >> wisconsin. >> yeah? >> iowa. >> iowa. >> iowa. >> iowa, iowa. >> india. >> the great state of ohio. >> so american pretty much all the way. >> carol's wisconsin and i'm kansas. >> thanks to one of our business writers. he's done 30 years writing for the houston paper, sta
managed to do. [applause] >> i am an entrepreneur from houston, texas. yesterday's, president obama gave one of those two plus two equals 563 speeches. he argued about fundamental fairness in the united states, without talking about the obstacle to fundamental fairness, witches the teachers' union. what would you do project which is the teachers' union. what would you do to narrow the education gap between wealthy and poor kids who are trapped in a system that is failing us as a country? >> sometime in the near future i am going to give a speech on inequality from a couple of angles. i believe in levelling up, giving everyone a chance to be more successful. he believes in leveling down. i believe in wealth creation. he believes in wealth redistribution. i believe the primary problem with the very poor is they are trapped in government institutions that destroyed their future. the fundamental -- this is why i want to have the debates next year. the difference will be so vivid and clear to most americans. i want to take one minute to talk about a recent example of this. i believe it is rea
minnesota, mr. paulson, and the gentleman from texas, mr. dog get, will each control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from minnesota. mr. paulson: i ask unanimous consent that all members have 35 days which to revise and extend their remarks, including extraneous consent. i yield myself as much time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. paulson: i rise today in support of h.r. 365, legislation to extend temporary assistance for needy families and related programs through the end of this fiscal year, as well as to ensure that these funds are spent appropriately. before describing the legislation in greater detail, i note that these same provisions will already approved, the middle class tax relief and job creation act of tuesday of this week. given some of the uncertainty about some of that legislation, it makes sense to ensure that the program continues to assist families past december 31, when its current authorization expires. that's the first and most important thing that this bill will do. the tanner program has been generally success
gingrich, texas governor rick perry, and minnesota representative michele bachmann. the event took place in washington, d.c.. [applause] >> first of all, it is good to be back with a lot of friends. we are delighted to be here. my daughter and her husband are here. three have so many friends in this audience. -- we have so many friends in here. he said we needed fundamental change. how many of you would agree that we are far enough off the track that we need fundamental change? [applause] how many of you would agree that even if we win the election that the forces that brought this to the mess we are in will fight every day to stop us from the changes over the course of the next four years? i happen to think both of those are true. i think this election is the most important collection since 1860. that is the primary reason i am running. i think we will be a definitive choice. i believe if president obama is elected, eight years will make the country dramatically more difficult and have dramatically different problems. it is a difficult deciding point. are we in favor of radicalism? are
. this is from "the new york times" editorial. and john, independent from texas. caller: i have been unemployed for about eight and a half months, and this situation is just ridiculous. they claim the economy is better here in texas, it is a bold face life. the few jobs that are available are part time walmart-type jobs. i've got a college degree. i graduated from college 16 years ago. i am getting $828 a month in unemployment. and these republicans want you to think people are sponging? try sponging off of 829 -- $820 a month in a high-cost area. the local chamber of commerce brag about how great it is to live here in the valley. if you are making $80,000, it is reasonable cost of living. but if you are barely scraping by at 20,000, it is barely. and perry greeting somebody jobs, that is upsurged. the jobs are just not here. let me tell you this, my last job was working at the local work force office. we are the ones who are supposed to help people find jobs. i can tell you the real honest unemployment rate is much higher than what they are reporting and has been for years. it has not been --
by the company he keeps. and there is no finer example than the first lady of texas, anita perry. she is a native of a small town, a professional nurse, has been so for 17 years and just about the best asset that the governor has. so i hand it over to the first lady of texas. anita perry. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. thank you, ruth. great to be in fort dodge, iowa, where i understand i can get a great cup of coffee at bloomers. so thank you. thank you all for joining us today. we're so excited to be here. we've had a great trip. we're going to finish strong in iowa. i want to tell you a little bit about a man i've known since i was years old. we dated for 16 years, we've been married for 29. we have our children with us today and i just want to say that there's not a lot about rick perry that i don't know. it's new year's eve. my new year's resolution is going to be i'm going to do everything i can to help get a true leader, a conservative leader elected to the presidency of the united states. [applause] he volunteered for the air force after he graduated from texas a&m. i'm so proud
, a 31-year-old texas man committed suicide. he said, thanks, bath salts. january, 2011, in panama city, florida, a daughter tried to attack her mother with a machete before fleeing the scene. she spent several days taking bath salts. an army sergeant killed his wife following a police chase. both had chemically altered bath salts. the couple's son was found dead with a plastic bag over his head and bruises on his body. these incidents led many states, including my home state of florida, to outlaw these often dangerous and deadly substances. . i added chemicals added to bath salts to induce a drug high to schedule i of the controlled substances act. these substances are not marketed for human consumption. this also is why i have joined representative charlie dent in his work to bring h.r. 1254, which includes the billing i introduced in april to the floor today. you have heard no research can be conducted if this passes, but those claims are false. they can be conducted. research will continue to be done on schedule i chemicals. just listen on the e.r. doctors and poison control centers
cuellar of texas will be talking about the mf global bankruptcy. later, tim huelskamp, a republican of kansas will be here. he is here to talk about year- end spending and the tax battles in congress. as we open up today, it will be a focus on the administration. the administration decided to block an fda decision that would have made emergency contraceptives more available to young girls under the age of 16. we will talk to you, read you some of the news stories, and ask you whether or not that was the right decision on the part of the obama administration. the plan b emergency contraceptive. did the obama administration make the right decision? plan b contraceptives. front-page coverage in many newspapers. let's give you a quick taste of it. we would like to get your calls on this topic in a few minutes here. we will also show you some of the letters. "the wall street journal" front page here. host: that is "the wall street journal" this morning. "the washington post" made it the lead this morning. rob stein wrote -- host: we will show you more articles. we will show you pro and c
states. a shopper in austin texas to buys goods online that lacks the physical presence in texas is expected to pay texas tax even though they pay no sales tax on his transaction. states rely on taxpayers to sell the one. online purchase issues save it all together. it should also find a way to enforce it. those who like to see it are eliminating the need for the package. i am aware of three legislative proposals that can give state nexus over on-line and other remote sellers. congress has reintroduced the main street fairness act. they have introduced the marketplace equity act. this is an oversight hearing. i am by the witnesses to comment. a look for to hearing from our witnesses. i look forward to hearing his statement. >> thank you. >> i have to go to a hearing on the house administration to cite how much we will cut every committee. i miss that. >> >> i ask unanimous consent on the proposed streamlined sales fact be made a part of the record. >> without objection. michiganentleman from missio is recognized for an opening statement. >> thank you. i want to associate myself w
, raise billions to pay that off. the petroleum lobby, oil lobby of texas does not like this idea of taxing gasoline. but if we would have done it back then, the so-called clean -- the sustainable, renewable energy revolution, more people paying more for gas may have triggered that new kind of innovation and of corgs the left is very much likes that. so that pie chart on the one hand it seems like a conservative pie chart. on the other hand, how to pay it is something that the democrats like. and makes perot a true centrist. >> halfway through our two-hour look at the contender, ross perot, of 1992 and 1996 elections. next phone call is from granite false, washington. -- granite falls, washington. gloria, you're our next guest. >> i loved ross perot. i remember the 1920's. and looking -- i would think that what does ross perot think of all through the political spectrum, down through those years, franklin roosevelt, then all of the presidents. and we come to today, a total insanity. i watched the house of representatives. i watch the senate. and everything has been turned around s
are familiar with the lean 6 sigma stuff. candidates have invited people to sign onto those pledges. a texas consultant. newt gingrich has been highlighting this. did you sign the pledge as well? >> yes, it is called a strong america now. >> i think the only person that has not is mitt romney. yesterday, on this station, we were talking with mitt romney. he said he did not know what it was. is that even remotely possible, as far as you are concerned? >> i do not know. i cannot go into his thoughts. >> he has been asked over and over to sign this. >> i know that our campaign was asked and we were happy to do it. i signed it in cedar rapids. i am a private businesswoman. i know, in my own company, if we did not continually change, continually improve, we would be out of business. that is the essence of this pledge. >> can that be applied to the federal government? >> as president of the united states, i intend to. without exception, we all recognize the federal government is bloated beyond any possible recognition. it has got to come down in size. when you have a government that spends $3.70 t
no idea about that. i am not privy to that information. host: thanks for your call. next up, tyler, texas, don, independent. good morning. caller: yes, ma'am. i'd like to ask you a question and i'd like to ask c-span will make a pledge to me and the american people to ask congressman or senator or anybody else that comes up there, whether they be republican or they be democrat, where they get their money from. do they have superpacts. and how does that affect their vote? host: thanks, don. you want to be first up with that? guest: i would be happy to go ahead and do that. i members of congress or senators have to reveal their contributions and how they spend those moneys the federal election commission, so all that information is available out there right now. you do have pacts and there's some pacts that do release that information. but if you remember there was a supreme court decision, basically said that certain moneys could not be put into some pacts, other facts where they don't have to reveal the sources. i'm one of those that i don't mind people getting into pacts but i want to kn
." and there are others that are matter-of-fact, but this from a boy from el paso, texas, who wrote, "hey, dad, it is cool you are in italy. what are you coming back? because ira know what i want for christmas -- because i already know what i want for christmas." we also have a traditional holiday favorites. we have 37 christmas trees here at the white house. 37! that is a lot, right? yeah, a lot of trees. we also have a 400-pound white house and gingerbread house. mmm, 400 pounds. and also in several of the rooms, and this is something that you have to look for, we station to the most famous member of the obama family. it was that? bo. so it is sort of day "where's bo? he is hidden everywhere. in one room, he is 4.5 feet tall and he is made of felt. euna that soft material? and in another room he is 9.5 inches tall and he is made of buttons. so you have to look for him. trust me, our dog has been a little confused walking around the house the past couple weeks, seeing himself in gigantic former. . form. those are just a few of this year's highlights, and i am so excited. the wall are the first of roughly
, kan., iowa, texas, corn, wheat, soy, they have all been beneficiaries is directly, but especially over the last 15 years, of a very beneficial subsidies to the agricultural sector. they were designed early on to be stabilizing subsidies by the usda and congress has wrestled with exactly what the right amount of subsidies should be applied to achieve a specific goal. the farmers have changed the nature of the subsidies and they promised to lessen them over time as well moving away from a direct subsidy on a per acre or per commodity basis to more of an indirect subsidy. for example, using a combination of federal subsidies and market mechanisms, like crop insurance, and other types of stabilizing mechanisms to maintain farm income. it is generally agreed, yes, we do have a disproportionate share of agricultural subsidies because we do produce a disproportionate share of agricultural product. i would not pass the laws, but they are a beneficiary of those laws and have been a beneficiary of the subsidies over time. host: more statistics here as we carry on with our guests and callers from
, texas. susan, democratic line. caller: i have a couple of brief statements i would like responded to. history shows that after every republican administration, there has been a big financial disaster that has to be cleaned up. and another statement is, my understanding is our founding fathers worked for religious freedom, that the pilgrims that came over, came over to get away from religious persecution. and i equate what is going on now as extreme -- compared to extreme islam and other extreme religions. and the debt that was created was created by cheney-bush buy things they did not put on the books. and president obama did put them on the books. it makes it look bad for him, which is the things that cheney-bush did not put on the books. host: matthew strawn? guest: i think the one thing i will point out when it comes to increasing the debt on not just our current generation but future generations in washington, i think a lot of that, when you look at the debt that has accrued over the last two and a half years will bring three years of your the obama administration is frightening,
the senator in that segment. carolyn, independent, texas, what matters most to you when looking at a candidate? caller, it matters to me very much that the people of america have not truly examine the governor terry cost record. he is the most anti-education candidate out there. he has laid off thousands of teachers. we are 48th as far as education goes in america. and he has absolutely no respect for it. why aren't people talking about his record in texas? he claims to be a christian, but we have not observed any christian behavior from him in this state. host: you are looking squarely at policy. looked as personality, chemistry mean anything to you? caller: i think that his charisma is deplorable. he pretends to be a christian, but only one denomination of christian was invited to his prayer meeting in which he announced his candidacy. the evangelicals have a stronghold on politics in texas. presbyterians, methodists, are not invited. from james onar the republican side. caller: i was wondering why none of the candidates are not touching the root cause of the economic issues. we put ourselve
.d. anderson cancer center, which grew into the texas medical center in houston, texas. and one of the largest medical complexes in the world. i believe this legislation is appropriate in honoring m.d. anderson and his enduring legacy in his hometown as a successful american businessman and, more importantly, his crppings contributions to vital -- his contributions to vital medical research and philanthropy. the subcommittee worked closely with the bill to sponsor -- with the bill sponsor to make improvements to the legislation which are reflected in the amendments to the bill. the amendments ensure the legislation is in line with the commemorative works act by requiring the design of the statue be approved by the general services administration prior to its installation. i support passage of this legislation as amended and urge my colleagues to do the same. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from tennessee is recognized. >> thank you, sir. i yield myself three minutes or as much time as i consume, which ever
to my friend and colleague, the gentleman from texas, vice chairman of the committee, the chairman of the subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities and member of the congress of the conference committee, mr. thornberry. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields to the gentleman from texas two minutes. mr. thornberry: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in support of this conference report and it is a broad-ranging conference report th affects everything from personnel policies to weapon systs to research and development across the department of defense and the military. and i especially commend chairman mckeon, ranking member smith and the staff who have worked since -- all year to make this possible but worked especially hard in the last few days to make this conference report possible before the congress adjourns. there are a number of good, important provisions in this bill that strengthen our country's national security. but in light of the comments we have recently heard, mr. speaker, let me talk just a moment about this issue of detention. you know, one can put into la
are a republican from texas and the connecticut democratic representative, chairman of the democratic caucus. ♪ ♪ host: good morning. it is friday, december 16, 2011. last night, bipartisan leaders in both houses of congress announced they had reached a deal, a $1 trillion deal to fund the remaining government branches and agencies and averting the possibility of a government shutdown tonight at midnight. we are going to open up our phone lines to talk about what you have been watching in congress and what you think about their efforts to reach a deal on government funding. a deal has not been reached on the other big issue of the week. that is the possible extension of the payroll tax holiday. leaders in both parties are suggesting a temporary retention of that, so that discussions over funding can continue. our phone lines are open. we would like to know what you think about these last minute negotiations. these are our phone lines. a good friday morning to you. we will be here for just two hours. the house is in early today, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. the spending bill is likely to be on
will yield back. >> i recognize the gentle lady from texas for five minutes. >> i mentioned earlier of our remorse and sympathy to your family. i want to thank you for not remaining silent. and the presence of mr. bledsoe acknowledges the pain he appearances as well. i think you were present in the room that those who are representing the united states military are certainly remorseful of this normality loss of life. and combined with that, i think the virtues of our constitution and the first amendment make us a great country and make us able to answer the concerns you have expressed. but i think we have a solution here. you have heard a senator, a house member, another house member, another senator from arkansas, and a member from texas who experienced and mourned with those in fort hood going in a fast pace to resolve this. and i think because our country is new, not very new, at dealing with this issue of terrorism, our statutory laws may not have, in essence grappled with the change. anyone, as your son was and the other fallen soldier in uniform, in the action of their duty, andy and
served the state of texas as governor for more than a decade. his home state has created more than 1 million jobs during his tenure as governor, even as america has lost jobs. please welcome america's jobs governor and a candidate for the republican nomination, rick perry. [applause] >> thank you. we were doing business over there, selling coffee. listen, to the blue strawberry folks, thank you for opening this up. we are all about doing some economic development, so we are going to sell some coffee while we are in here too, and maybe a pastry or two. cathy, by the way, thank you for your work, your service and everything. in the brigadier-general is your summer. where are you? i want to say hello to him, a great air force veteran, a real aircraft commander. as a matter of fact, i am going to talk about our military men and women and our active duty folks in just a second. how many veterans are here? let me say, thank you for your service. god bless you. we get to do this, we get to go out and speak up about our government -- from time to time, we can speak against our government. i
of fact was like the one from a boy from el paso, texas who rode," hey dad, it is cool you are in italy so when are you coming back because i already know what i want for christmas." [laughter] just keep it straight forward. of course we also have many of the traditional holiday favorites alongside these tributes to our military families. we have 37 christmas trees here at the white house, 37! that is a lot, right? we also have a 400-pound white house gingerbread house. 400 pounds -- and also in several of the rooms and this is something you all have to look for, we have
in the house of representatives right now. host: texas. caller: i like to point out something with all the things going on between the republicans, the democrats, back in december 1994, clinton pushed through on fast fact. -- fast track. i know you understand what fast- track is. the wto law for which we went into a five-year probationary period, and then on january 1, 2000, all broke loose because it all went down like a rocket, starting with stocks, starting with the interest rates, and also the same time it took about five years after that and that would be about 2002, the industry started leading slowly. and as the year one on, they started moving up faster to places like china. you have general motors over there right now in china. you have a lot of big corporations in china. a last one that left this country was rand. unless you get the manufacturing base back in and create the terrace, you will not have small business, would you call the backbone of this country, and i will tell you, that is incorrect in will never be. host: a republican from texas. guest: what you're talking ab
the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: madam speaker, thanksgiving is over and christmas is just around the corner. and all throughout america families will gather to celebrate the traditions and festivities and be together, celebrate faith, but there are some american families that won't have their entire family with them this year. there will be an empty chair at their table. that's because their loved one serves in the united states military in lands throughout the world. war christmas is not new. many warriors are still on call, still on duty serving america. but there is a way to connect with our troops throughout the world and it's a project that we are involved in in southeast texas through the red cross and operation interdependence. and here's how it works, it's a way of having young kids, children, school-age children, connect with troops not only in our war zone but other places in the world where our troops are serving america. and it started several years ago when i had the opportunity to go see our troops in the middle east about this time of the year, and b
will be introduced tomorrow with my colleague and friend, congressman ted poe from texas, the chief republican co-sponsor. it builds on current united states efforts, not by increasing funds. make no mistake. i hope we do increase the investment around the globe. but right now this legislation will increase effectively, transparency and accountability. given the strains on federal resources and the depth of the need, it is essential we target our efforts as efficiently as possible. the water for the world act gives the state department and usaid tools to leverage investments. it helps elevate positions within the agency to coordinate diplomatic policy and implement country-specific water strategies. the house foreign operations appropriations subcommittee, under the leadership of kay granger and nita lowey, have done the best they can in this difficult budget climate with resources for poor people with water around the world. now, congress needs to step up to make sure that these precious resources are used as effectively as possible. i sincerely hope my colleagues will join congressman poe and m
's nose as family sings rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. next up the spring, texas. don, an independent. good morning, you're on the air. caller: yes, ma'am, i'm also calling about tin cider trading and everything else illegal our good friends in congress are doing. there's an old law that's been on the books for, i don't know how many years, stating that our congress and senators cannot pass the law or exempt themselves from laws. that would benefit themselves. i mean, where is our justice department? where is the f.b.i.? this is ridiculous, we need to citizens court. try them throw them in jail. host: concerns about insider trading. another first family photo. from a former first family. this is in the "wall street journal." mitt romney with ex george h.w. bush and his wife barbara. the bush's haven't backed a candidate as governor romney makes a courtesy call. next up is raleigh, north carolina. good morning john, what's on your mind? caller: well, i was just curious why we're not seeing any coverage in the news over certain situations like andy stern, who is a spotter of the preside
. i think it is going to backfire. host: jackie, democratic line, dallas, texas, good morning. caller: i think that the senate, doing what they are doing, the senate recently wanted the one year to have the tax cut extended. republicans did not want that. everything that the republicans asked for, the senate gave it to them. now it is boehner and the republicans who are saying that we need to come back and do our jobs. well, what good is it going to before a committee -- they had the super 8 committee and nothing could get resolved. they had the debt ceiling, nothing could be resolved. they wanted -- they want the president to say that that is what they said, and i do not blame the senate. the democrats need to stand up. they have tried to work with republicans, work with republicans. now the republicans are in such hot water, they want to blame it on the democrats. host: the house puts the tax cut in limbo, the house floor yesterday entering to -- agreeing to enter negotiations. phil joins us on the republican line, from boston. caller: the tea party republicans are doing exactly wha
's presidential primary ballot. the former house speaker and the texas governor did not submit enough valid signatures and they joined a majority of gop candidates who failed to qualify for the march 6 virginia primary. only two republicans -- mitt romney and ron paul will be on the ballot. newt gingrich says he will campaign as a write-in. you can see more covers online and we will hear from congressman chris van hollen about the national tax cut and more. >> i am here arguing in favor of higher taxes on the wealthy. i am a mulally 1%. >> i'm very -- i am a part of the 1%. >> this will not help anybody. >> you do not want to donate to the government? >> i want our class to be -- you have heard me -- you are being silly. >> i am a video journalist. i would say that what we're doing is sort of like citizen journalism. basically, when an individual who does not have that much training in journalism has the tools of modern technology to capture a live event. that does not have a background in journalism pierre >> video journalist michelle fields -- background in journalism. >> vide
. host: democrats line from texas, good morning. caller: thank you for c-span. mr. lynn, every word you have uttered is what i want to say. i have one thing i would like to point out and maybe you can affect it on polls. do you think the country is going the wrong way? i am a liberal democrat, and my answer is yes. that is because we have lost all compassion and humanity, and i do blame it on the rise of the religious right. i would like to see that question changed. it is not the policies of the president for me, it is the lack of humanity and walking your own shoes. if the question were offered, maybe more people would think about it. right now if i say yes, people think i do not like the president, and that is not true at all. do you understand what i'm saying? please articulate it for me. guest: i think it is a very good idea because polling questions do not often get to the nuance of what they really mean, allowing people to make decisions about who is wrong, talking about the direction of the country, and making people, including the pollsters, have them assume what those answers
to the gentlelady from texas, ms. sheila jackson lee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized for two minutes. ms. jackson lee: mr. speaker, we are doing what the american people have asked us to do. i thank the gentleman for -- from new york for championing the cause of the american people and i thank our whip, mr. hoyer, for understanding that we need an up or down vote on the senate compromise and a motion for this conference that will not occur, to do what is right for the american people. i've already said that the holiday season for so many has just gone up in smoke. the lights on the christmas tree have just burst and the tree is burning. the candles throughout the house are now down and smolering. and people are bemourning the condition that this washington republicans have put them in. mothers, single mothers, families without are now begging for a lifeline and the gigantic ship, the cruise ship, is cruising on by and allowing them to drown in the dusty and dark waters of this land. i don't understand where there is no mercy, where there is no understanding. my good friend fr
two minutes to another hardworking member of the freshman class, the gentleman from bryan, texas, mr. flores. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. dreier: 1/2 -- 2 1/2 minutes. the speaker pro tempore: 2 1/2 minutes. mr. flores: mr. speaker, i'm here to talk about options for american middle-class jobs and american energy security. i want to talk about two real-world examples that highlights the differences between president obama's plan and the g.o.p. plan for america's job creators. option a is obama's plan. option b is the g.o.p. plan. here are the examples. under option a, solyndra. option b, the keystone x.l. pipeline. how many part-time jobs were created under option a? 1,000. they've come and gone. under keystone x.l. pipeline, over 20,000. how many full-time jobs from solyndra? none. they're gone. how many full-time jobs from option b, the keystone x.l. pipeline? thousands. what did option a do for americans' improvement energy security? nothing. how about for option b? yes, we get improved american energy security. reduce demand for midd
recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. hinojosa, for five minutes. mr. hinojosa: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. hinojosa: mr. speaker, it is with great sadness that i rise to urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass the american dream act. this past weekend i learned of the tragic death of joaquin luna, a senior student at juarez lincoln high school in mission, texas, who took his life because he believed that he would never be able to fulfill his dream of becoming an engineer, earning his citizenship and leading a full and prosperous life in america. brought to the united states as an infant, joaquin attended our nation's public schools, played the guitar at his church and hoped to go to college and achieve the american dream. i cannot express the sorrow i feel on the loss of such a talented young man. i want to extend my heart felt condolences to joaquin's family and friends. i cannot imagine the pain they are suffering. it is heartbreaking to know that many of us in the u.s. house of represent
purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. green: i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: clerk. -- the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 8 printed in house report 112-317 offered by mr. al green of texas. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 487, the gentleman from texas, mr. al green, and a member opposed, each will control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. green: i thank you, mr. chairman. i yield myself such time as i may consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. green: thank you. there has been much debate as to whether this bill will create or save jobs. there is much speculation based on whether this bill will create or save jobs. when you have few facts, you generally speaking can have much speculation. this amendment addresses speculation. there is some sense in this country that our approval rating is low in congress because of much speculation. speculation can breed distrust. speculation can lead to fact-free debates, a term inside good friend, emanuel cleaver, representative
today from texas governor rick perry. he is also in spencer, and you will be able to watch coverage of his campaign live at noon eastern time. later, rick santorum is holding a town hall in cairo. we hope to bring that to you later today as well. lots of candidates spending time in iowa before the caucuses are held january 3. just to let you know, in the senate today, for your votes are being taken up here the two- month extension of the social security payroll tax cut has passed the senate. that will go to the house possibly as soon as monday, and they will also be dealing with the government spending bill, a disaster aid bill, and a fourth bill to pay for that aid. the payroll tax cut extension includes an extension of unemployment benefits up to 59 weeks and a freeze on scheduled cuts in medicare payments to doctors. we're bringing you live coverage over on our companion network, c-span2. >> again, we are here in spencer, iowa. michele bachmann, republican presidential candidate, is expected here shortly. we will come back to the room here as soon as she is a riding, but for the
been good for democrats in states like texas where a continuing court battle drew the map for 2012 and in colorado where the court drew the map at the legislature deadlocked and could not come to an agreement, arizona were they have a commission or the republicans are fighting tooth and nail to get their proposal overturned and california where they have a new citizens predicted -- redistricting commission which through the whole matter into disarray and roy blunt and, as together and has created acsitue a situation. i think democrats will be able to win six, seven, eight congressional seats in the 2012 election and that is 1/3 of the way they need to get in order to retake the majority. the other part of this is that republicans insist they have done a good job of assuring that their members. in states like pennsylvania and ohio, this will be by a couple of points. it will not be a situation where the district is now in a play for democrats but the members become safer. you can ask either side was winning and they have a good argument to say why they are winning. i think david mak
. the pipes would be part of the keystone oil pipeline which is a project running from canada to texas. the president has said that he would veto this bill, extending unemployment and his tax holiday if this keystone jobs bill was put in it. mr. president, this is about creating jobs. please join us. also, they said that the state department may have to say no because this is the same department that back in june testified before our committee that they could have the decision made on this pipeline and permitted by -- well, the decision made on this pipeline by december 31. the environmental studies have been there for months. this application has been with the state department for 3 1/4 years. the state department has everything they need to make a correct recommendation for the president, and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the time of the gentleman has expired. members are again reminded to direct their comments to the chair. the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: mr. speaker, i'm pleased at this time to yield to the man who's going to be the chairman of the health subco
could, >> he is a freshman from texas. he is an attorney. >> i understand there is no room right now, but we will consider the request in just a minute. as much as i would like to have a texas colleague up at the podium. >> you have a few, but he is not one. >> we certainly appreciate his expertise on the subject. let's wait until we have room and we will take it up at that point. >> the gentleman from virginia, mr. scott, is recognized for an opening statement. >> i join my colleagues in welcoming the attorney general this morning. i understand nivea -- the invitation to the attorney general to his pacifically reference gun trafficking in the southwest border. we have the opportunity to discuss with him the positive steps we must take to protect our citizens from illegal firearms. i am heartened that he recognizes the smartest and most effective way to protect ourselves from crime is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. with respect to preventing firearm violence, there are steps we can take to reduce the total of injured and murdered. there are steps we must take in ord
off from iowa, but we live down there in texas, and we have a problem on our borders. in the last five years it's estimated 45,000 individuals, probably mostly mexicans have been killed on the border. so there's a border war going on down there. but here we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars and losing our troops over trying to decide where the boundary line is between afghanistan and pakistan. i think we should be more concerned about our own borders here at home. [applause] >> but the war we have on our southern boarder is complex. my argument on illegal immigration. if you didn't subsidize it, you'd have a lot less of it. but another war that has not played well for us is the war on drugs. it's been very detrimental to our excuse to invade our privacy and did many things to invade our privacy and doesn't solve the problem. before 1914 there were no federal rules or regulations on drugs. the real modern war drug was in the 1970's. we spent over a trillion dollars on the war on drugs and a lot of times they are using prescription drugs more so than legal ones but prohibition
or the operator. i do not know why the texas longhorns get their own network and get paid -- sports money is frequently high. is there a limit? reports that the nfl wants a 60% increase in media rates. where is the new hampshire as protection? most of the industries are exempted from the kinds of constraints that would normally not be permitted. i think the nfl is one of the finest from businesses in america. but they negotiate on behalf of the entire league. is one package. you cannot play one of the other. there are good reasons why they do that. is one of the smartest business models out there. that leads to an ever escalating problem with these that have to be funneled through the system. the challenges that is observed by saying he is being has to cover its costs from an operator who was to turn it around and cover its costs for a consumer. a huge chunks are not sure there would want that, but they will have to be part of the subsidization. that is open up to the point. i think the anxiety in people's hearts and minds is maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next year, but,
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